Innovative and Collaborative Approach to Problem Solving

  • Strengthen/build relationships and partnerships that support students and families
  • Implement policy that is centered around the voice of the community as it relates to equity in educational opportunities/Grass Roots Approach
  • Support Bottom-Up Solutions that include the voice of parents and community

Engage Parents, Families, and Community in Decision Making and School Accountability

  • Teacher and Principal Quality/Excellence
  • Robust Professional Development for Teacher and Principals
  • Access to Teachers and School Administration
  • Increase/Welcome Parental Involvement

Fiscal Responsibility – Community Engagement and Fiscal Oversight

  • Transparency to the tax payers and stakeholders
  • Safe, Attractive Learning Environments – Improved School Safety – Technology and Innovation
  • Funding based on the needs of children

Serve as an Advocate – Ensure Support Services that Ensure Success

  • Educate and empower parents and community to involve  themselves with local schools and decision making bodies
  • School environment is welcoming to parents and the community
  • Ensure appropriate services and intervention for students and their families, i.e. Community Learning Centers, Pre-Schools

Copeland-Dansby for CPS Board

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